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Big Bang Watches For Men & Women

A couple of watches have been as disruptive and specifying in the contemporary period as the Hublot Big Bang. Much of the original designs are still produced today, so this watch-- while representative of the initial design was furnished just recently. Today "Big Bang" is probably the most widely known watch model name released in the post-year 2000 era. Its bold and polarizing design is hugely a sign of high-end in our modern age, and rapidly gets viewpoints from both fans and opponents.

Hublot Big Bang History

Let's check the history first. Hublot as a brand began in the early 1980s, around 1981. The term "Hublot" indicates "porthole" in French, which was the aesthetic impact behind the brand's case styles. Furthermore, Hublot wasn't the first company to produce watch cases inspired by portholes. About ten years previously in 1972 Audemars Piguet released the Gerald Genta-designed Royal Oak whose case (while different looking) was likewise motivated by portholes.

Hublot has a reasonably peaceful history as a pleasant gadget in the market; however, eventually small watch brand name that did itself the disservice of being founded throughout the quartz crisis. At the end of 1990 and early 2000s, Hublot wasn't doing exceptionally well and was searching for a buyer. That purchaser wound up being Jean-Claude Biver who just recently originated from Omega and Blancpain (the latter of which he offered to the Swatch Group).


While there are four different recommendations, they are all precisely the same watch offered with unique case products and diamond settings. These watches have Hublot Big Bang Chronograph powered by the calibre HUB4100, which is an automatic movement that uses 42h of power reserve and beats in 28,800 BPH.

HUB4100 is either asserted off the ETA or is a customized version of it. If we consider the Vegas connection and Hublot's polarizing styles in general, you will not be shocked to see, that these watches will not be to everybody's tastes. The very first two variations start off utilizing a micro blasted black porcelain case, while another 2 are a mix of ceramic and anodized aluminium equipped with 212 black diamonds.

Design And Style

The bezels on each side of the watches change too, with the purest being black porcelain like the case and the fancier ones having anywhere in between 48 to 114 diamonds set inside them. The most exclusive option, limited to one piece, includes the 48 baguette-cut diamonds.

These watches are ideal for people who want to show some success (potentially to indicate that they have had a productive run in the tables) and are not especially fussy about legibility. Possibly it is the provided press images or maybe me, but it feels like legibility was not a crucial factor to consider in the style procedure.

The style built on the classic porthole sports view case that Hublot was founded on, however, produced a new generation, in a boldly plus size, with a robust and hyper-masculine style. More so, the watch was implied to embody Mr Biver's famous marketing slogan for Hublot of, "the art of the blend."

This creative motto meant that Hublot watches were a blend of products, textures, colours, and aesthetic appeals. To this day, Hublot can quickly be credited as being a leader of including a lot of formerly "non-luxury" materials in routine elements of high-end wristwatches.

The last Hublot was the spiritual follower (just the more modern-day and more technically fascinating model) to the first Huge Bang which was the Hublot Big Bang UNICO watch. With that stated, Big Bang 44 has a unique look and user experience. If we consider Big Bang UNICO, this design is a bit more comfortable, a little smaller sized, and at this point feels more timeless (which it technically is).


The sandwich-style case design is where a great deal of the "art of blend" comes into play. Hublot Watches created the Big Bang by doing this so that it might blend and match colours and products. Having the ability to have a modular case design was a vital part of the original principle. This watch case utilizes steel, resin, titanium, ceramic, and rubber.

Other Big Bang models have featured a prominent host of different materials ranging from gold to carbon fibre and even magnesium. Today, Hublot is still a massive fan of using unique and exciting case products for high-end watches. Other brands rapidly did the same.

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