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Jaeger-LeCoultre Custom Watches

The search for Men watch is challenging. Jaeger-LeCoultre custom watches can help you with most of your needs. The Jaeger-LeCoultre custom watches are not only good-looking and blind hollow but also have built up years of experience in the style analysis. They have a lot of information to ensure its robustness and dependability are not impacted.


From a structural perspective, the case just after the initial development improved in the 1980s-- plus size ended up being popular taste-- the variety of parts rose from less than 30 to over 50.

So far, it is still among the most intricate structure in the market of the case. In terms of style, the flip watch retains the pure Art Deco style. Franco Cologni in "Jaeger-Great Workshop Story" (released in 2006), a book portraying Road, "but the flip watch was initially developed for professional athletes to create.

However, it quickly gained a vast array of international clients, and appear in the remark in between leaders, stars and fashion innovator wrist. "the world's professional athletes are improved gentleman, any event can dress adequately, suave stylish.

Development And Establishment

Way Back in 1991, the 60th anniversary of the series began the occasion, flip look for the first time with a power reserve of 824-type complex function of movement.

In 1994, the intro of double-sided flip-style series, two dials back to back, the advanced innovation reached the regular design. This innovative design kinds appear bright, but subtle because of dedicated motion power the original.

The double-sided watch gives the second time zone, shows new interpretation, one side of the dial screen global time, one side of the dial shows local time.

Three years later, it began to be loved by women since it utilized double-sided style, Reverso Duetto. Sides of the dial shows the day and the night displays. It also had contrasting decorative elements to become more attractive. Then, Duetto Duo joins Flip series; this is a traditional girl watch with a second time zone display.

Boasting an internal quality and a stunning dial, the new models from Jaeger-LeCoultre were genuinely interesting. You cannot find a dial created in this specific fashion. Comparable in production to hand-peening, this dial is produced by a freestyle chiselling process performed by an artisan using nothing but touch and experience as their guide.

During the 70th anniversary, Jaeger-LeCoultre's "broad view" released a brand-new Grande Reverso significant flip watch (and not just to broaden the size of Grande Taille flip watch). It had distinctive features, including the provision of power storage, powered by a double barrel. The timeless line to the 75th anniversary, flip watch with a square look.

As early as the very first crossroads, designers had thought twice to select between rectangular and squared shapes. This trend was followed for the next 80 years. Grande Reverso Ultra Thin Slim significant flip watch became a real example of high-quality elegance.

During the 85th anniversary of the establishment of the Atelier Reverso Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, the focus was no longer restricted to the bottom of the table. However, it also extends to a 2nd dial Duoface and Duetto, started to check out the flip watch modification possibilities are unlimited.

As part of a large Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop, classic design, modern design, and diverse reversible watches were accepted. The modern watchmaking is still in confusion if we do worlds analysis, showing a distinct peerless style.

Design And Style

Rectangular case, the smooth integration of connection, ornamentation oval around the dial, in 1930s these functions were amongst the most modern-day design.

Turn watch has won numerous fans that anticipated design. The distinct design was especially important. In debut all personalized presentation started coming, one after another. First crafted and painted enamel miniature, the earliest documented mini enamel painting watch dating back to 1936, the dial has an Indian picture on it with an appeal.

Since 1996, Jaeger-LeCoultre started the independent production of watches, thanks to a watchmaker who volunteer to learn this art, reached after separate production quality requirements to come forward.

The flip diamond watch was available in the 1970.It is now in charge of the workshop gem setters. During that both conventional methods were utilized.

The complex structure includes the day and night display screen; the dial likewise provides a rich set of time information, consisting of date, week, month, four-digit year screen, and months. Dynamic storage with a red security zone can be described regarding the wearer at a glance.

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