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Panerai Custom Watches

Custom watches have several categories. These have various price levels according to their quality. If you are Panerai follower, this guide will help you on how to select the best Panerai. Do not buy some vulnerable and cheap models. Instead, do choose the high-quality Panerai custom with real Swiss movement.

After picking your preferred Panerai custom watches, the shipping method must be chosen wisely. You would like to select the safest shipping methods to ensure delivery in time. You must make sure that you get the best aftersales support through the dealer you purchase a custom watch.

Why are Panerai custom watches so popular today?

Here is a brief description of the enhancements that were done in the case, crystal and movement in the Panerai custom watches. These enhancements are the main reasons behind the popularity of these watches.


Case level depends upon product material and polishing. Today, the case of the majority custom Panerai watches is made of 304L or 316L stainless steel; these watches have the feel and bodyweight like the genuine one.

However, while manufacturing Panerai watches, many rip-off dealers utilize low degree steel, like 216L, even some adopted aluminium to copper. These watches were a lot lighter compared to the previous Panerai models and no close to the original one.

In recent years, titanium was introduced in Panerai custom watches. This helped in improving the strength of watches, were lightweight and scratch resistant. You will discover the number of Titanium-made Panerai custom watches throughout the market, but the quality has improved a lot than the previous versions.

Also, some high-end custom Panerai watches indeed put a lot of efforts in polishing the case, rounded corners and edges. This is far better than the previous versions where you can feel pointedness.


Formerly, custom Panerai primarily included mineral crystal in some watches. However, today sapphire is used in most of the products. It is harder than the mineral and is scratch-resistant. Custom watches with sapphire crystals have a red "Sapphire" sticker on the glass face.

Right now, a substantial number of new Panerai custom watches had been accompanied by a unique characteristic on sapphire crystal - AR Covering (Anti-Reflective Finishing). Usually, the attribute of AR Coating Sapphire is that the glass will turn "blue" after you see it at an angle. You should keep in mind that glass cover of real Panerai watches is convex, and the watches are flat.


There are three levels of movements, Asian, Asian copied ETA and genuine Swiss ETA movements. The majority of Panerai custom watches use Asian movements that are primarily developed in China and originate from Hangzhou, Shanghai or Dandong.

This kind of custom watches can be found at $100-$200. The second degree of custom Panerai is equipped with Asian ETA movements, like 6497 and 7750. Nevertheless, they are the copies from the authentic ETA motions and lacked some crucial elements, such as a swan-neck regulator.

The value of those Asian ETA Panerai custom watches is from $300 to $400. Few of these custom watches use genuine ETA movements which you can surely find in our stores.